A day with mild azorean rain

A mild azorean rain started the day. But it never stays long and when it had stopped we went to Madalena for memories. Madalena has changed,it is not the little calm village anymore. There are lot of tourist activities offered  – whale watching, scuba diving and mountain climbing. After lunch we made the memory walk up to Pico hotel which still was there, but rebuilt, closed and empty. But we also found our tree in the curve up the hill. It was not that alone anymore, more houses were around.


Back in São Roque we made some shopping for tomorrow. In the evening we walked to our favorite but far distance Restaurant  Avenida again. On the way Elin made some coastal photos and Pia took a swim in a new pool close to the restaurant. Then the lulas griljadas were delicious.


Postat av: Kerstin

Häftig bläckfisk, ganska gott bara man skalar bort de äckliga sugfötterna!!

Hoppas att mailadressen inte utnyttjas av andra som de utlovar. Har i alla fall lämnat den så ni kan sända en hälsning om ni har lust.


2011-08-14 @ 20:35:00
Postat av: Kerstin

Bläckfisk kan vara ganska gott bara man skalar av de äckliga sugfötterna först!


2011-08-14 @ 20:39:47
Postat av: Kerstin

Hoppsan adressen kom inte med.

2011-08-14 @ 20:41:16

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