A very blustery day.

We started the day with a town walk to do some shopping and see how the wind and clouds evolved. We decided it was enough good for the western trail from Ponta Delgada to Fajã Grande.  Taxis are not common but we could catch one at the station. The old lady didn’t understand English but she could find out where we wanted to go and drew us safely up and down serpentine roads to the trail south Ponta Delgada. A few raindrops came but we decided we should go. After a few km we had a feeling we could be on Gotland’s west coast but instead of junipers there grow ericas like small trees. Stones and cows similar but here the blue Hortensias are everywhere.  And the distance down to the ocean being much higher, 300- 400 m. We could hear and see the waves breaking right beneath us, sometimes the shelf was only 1,5 m wide on the steep side. Have to admit it was a little scary with the strong wind… By walking we were thinking of the people who in ancient times have been building the trails and walls and who had to use them in all weathers.

In the end of the 9n km long trail it started to rain. In beginning only a mild rain but in the end a real hard shower. We took the bus back to Santa Cruz. Cost only 2,3 euro each. Taxi was 25 euro.  A day for the health of us and the budget.




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