Arrival to the Azores

We thought we were prepared. 24 degrees in Ponta Delgada is not the same as when the thermometer shows it back home.  Humidity is high and it is a relief when a cloud covers the sun for a while.

When arriving to the hotel we were immediately 22 years back in time – this was the same hotel we stayed at on our honeymoon! This was the hotel were we had to kill the large cockroach, the one still moving in the morning even if we had put it into pieces the day before. Hotel Canadiano is still going strong but no insects so far this time.

We started with a walk through the city and found the typical buildings and patterned paving in black lava and white.  A lot of new hotels had been built and also a marina where we found a very nice fish restaurant. They really know how to make fish delicious here! As desert we had a piece of the ever so sweet and juicy pineapple they cultivate here


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