Driving east.

Today we drived east. And yes, this time we saw it, Lagoa de Fogo, a lake in a deep crater. 22 years ago it was very cloudy but this time the sky was high! From there the road went in serpentines down to the north coast. We had noticed that nowadays the farmers bring the milk back, when milking the cows in the field, on their pick-ups. But suddenly we saw a farmer on horse like we did 22 years ago!


In Furnas we looked at the hot wells and felt the smell of sulphur from the vapors. We walked through the Terra Nostra garden but probably it is nicer in spring when the large camellia collection flowers. Of course we went swimming in the thermal bath to stay young and with a good health. The water is not so nice colored but is has a very nice warm temperature. A slight smell of rotting eggs was left around us afterwards.


It had become late when we drove back to Ponta Delgada but we wanted to show where the juicy and sweet pineapples are grown. Narrow roads led to Faja da Baixa but we only saw high walls of stone, maybe part of a glasshouse could be seen. Suddenly, almost when giving up and turning the car, a door opened and lady came out and asked us if we wanted to see her pineapple farm – yes we wanted to see! Marta’s family have grown ananas over 100 years, and she showed us young  plants and growing fruits in her greenhouses. It takes up to 2,5 years to grow an ananas. Marta’s speciality is biologically grown fruits and it was very kind of her to show us around and answer all our questions! Of course we bought some ananas to bring home.


There is no ananas like the Azorean ananas.


Tomorrow  we go back home again.



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