First day in beautiful Flores.

There were no taxis around the airport but a friendly lady called the taxidriver and took us a bit on the way. Calle bought a cap from the local chinese shop to protect his head. We could not see much of the landscape when taxi took us to the west side. The clouds were hanging so low.


Our cottage was not ready so the very kind proprietor of the resort drew us down to Fajã Grande where we bought some food for breakfast in the very small grocery shop. We had lunch in the most western restaurant of Europe. The rock Ilhéu de Monchique in the sea outside the village is the far most western point.


After lunch we walked to the fascinating waterfall Poço do Bacalhau.  We continued to see the natural pools in the lava fields along the shore. We found a trek up the hills close to the sea back to Aldeia da Cuada, the ancient village where our cottage is. The trek took us between stonewalls and pasture land to marvellous sights over the coast and sea.


From our little cottage we can see the sea and coast. It is only us and the horizon. In the evening we walked the two km down to the restaurant Casa de Vigia. Later when walking back it was a mild rain and it was fast getting dark. On slippery stones we walked the last steps on tired legs back to the cottage.



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