Another day in Faial.

We are now in Faial. Calle needed some care for his feet so in the morning we went to Horta. We had coffee and a chat with the sailors we met yesterday evening and made some shopping for today’s picnic. We took a taxi to Capelhinos, the volcano that had an eruption in the late 50’th. There we climbed the lava fields and had a look at the old lighthouse. It was hot and dusty but we continued along the coast to Varadouro. There we found a restaurant and after the very long walk we had a gorgeous dinner with a view over the ocean. As the sky was clear we went up to see the caldeira in the sunset so if there are clouds again tomorrow we have seen it. From there we also had a good view over Pico.


My shoes (the one with pink and white socks) used to be black before we went up to the old vulcano. //Elin


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