Trail Lajedo –Mosteiro-Fajãzinha- Cuada.

At breakfast we got a little companion today. She also liked the local bread and cheese.


Mrs Silvas was kind to drive us to Lajedo and she was telling us about the foggy weather, western winds and about the special kind of tourists the island and her village attracts. People like us, loving nature and genuine charm in a simple way.


From Lajedo we walked and Elin stopped hundreds of times to make photos from the stunning views or cows along the trail. She was very pleased to find out that she now could use her tripod and made pictures in a little ‘jungle stream’.


It was not an easy trail and our legs were hurting us when walking down to Fajãzinha where we hoped to have a late lunch. But we were too late. We will walk back tonight to the small, genuine restaurant with typical Flores cooking.


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