Moving over to the other side.

Calles birthday! Sky is higher today and now we can see all the beauty around us. Started the day trekking to Lagoa dos Patos, a hidden small lake in the lush green, with several waterfalls coming down the mountain. We had to leave Cuada, this calm paradise with both excellent and personal service. Silvio drew us back to the eastern side stopping by all the essential miranduoros, panorama wievs, back to Santa Cruz.

After checking in at hotel Ocidental we again had to hunt for an open restaurant. Pia dared swimming in a piscina naturale, a pool formed by lava which protects against waves and streams. Water was lovely warm and clear, but Elin found too many fishes there.

The locals we talk to all know it is impossible to live only from natures beauty. Also for tourists food is essential, and no fast food chains are around when it is crisis. A wiev over to Corvo island doesn't help a hungry stomach. Tonight we learned the true meaning of slow food. However we are so pleased, three hours later we had all we needed.  


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