Whale Watching

The Azores are strongly connected with whaling. We have seen several old whale factories and boats around the islands. Since 1986 there is a treaty against whaling and there is no hunting any more here. Well, now the whales are hunted by the tourists ready with their cameras! We decided to do some whale watching but not with the small rubber boats we have seen before but a bigger catamaran. Money back if no cetaceans seen.


First we saw a small group of short-beaked common dolphins playing around in the waves. Then the boat headed far out and in the horizon we could see a whale diving and when doing it they stay away for 45 min. Suddenly another whale was very close to our boat, we could see it blow and the back of it. A little later we saw another one, a sperm whale, and we saw that until it dived and that is when the tail is going up. A large group of dolphins came and played around our boat. Amazing.


On the way back Elin also caught a flying fish with her camera.



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